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  Movie this or that Survey

1. Titanic or An Officer and A Gentleman?

 Titanic     An Officer and A Gentleman   

2. The Notebook or Walk The Line?

 The Notebook     Walk The Line   

3. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

 Star Wars     Lord of the Rings   

4. Harry Potter or Twilight?

 Harry Potter     Twilight   

5. Pirates of the Caribbean or X-Men?

 Pirates of the Caribbean     X-Men   

6. Double Jeopardy or Flight Plan?

 Double Jeopardy     Flight Plan   

7. Frequency or Cellular?

 Frequency     Cellular   

8. Sweet Home Alabama or Two Weeks Notice?

 Sweet Home Alabama     Two Weeks Notice   

9. Batman or Spiderman?

 Batman     Spiderma