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  How macho are you?

1. When you flex your muscles on the beach, girls

 Start giggling.     Start drooling.   

2. If you were put in a ring with a wrestling superstar, you

 Would be thrown by him in a second.     Would give him a tough fight for sure.   

3. Can you open bottle caps with your mouth?

 Are you nuts?     Ofcourse.   

4. In the gym, when you workout with weights,

 No one cares.     Others stop their workouts and watch you.   

5. You could immediately be taken as a model for selling

 Fun pranks and silly games.     Protein supplements and gym equipment.   

6. A mugger would

 Not think twice before confronting me.     Think ten times before confronting me.   

7. Your choice of car is

 A convertible.     A huge, mean SUV.