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  Are you a Glutton?

1. When you are visiting a new place, you first

 Visit the tourist destinations of interest.     Check out the eating joints or try the local food.   

2. Your favorite TV shows are

 Soap operas and reality shows.     Cookery shows of famous chefs.   

3. In a wedding, you are found

 Posing for photographs with the new couple.     Stuffing yourself in the dining area.   

4. Most of the day, you think about

 What work will you do next.     What food will you eat next.   

5. When you eat out, you choose the food items according to their

 Calories and prices.     Taste and quantities.   

6. You are popular among your friends for your

 Happy go lucky attitude.     Huge appetite.   

7. At a party, are you the one who starts eating first and keeps down the plate after everyone else?

 Yes     No   

8. Do fast food joints rejoice on seeing you enter their premises?

 Yes     No