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  Do you have an inflated ego?

1. Would you like people to envy you?

 No     Yes   

2. Someone disagrees with you.

 I will try to know why.     Do i care?   

3. Would you like everyone to be in awe of you?

 No     Yes   

4. If you get something cool which no one else has, you

 Dont really care about this fact.     Make sure everyone you know comes to know about it.   

5. Do you dream about being rich, powerful, etc?

 No     Yes   

6. What type of clothes do you wear?

 Whatever everyone else wears.     Only the latest and hottest in fashion.   

7. You pass a test with an A, while your friend is crying with a C. You

 Comfort your friend first.     Enoy the fact that you scored more.   

8. Are you selective in choosing your friends?

 No     Yes   

9. You consider yourself

 Just like anyone else.     The best of all.