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  How daring are you?

1. People eat grasshoppers and cockroaches in some parts of the world. Would you try?

 Yes     No   

2. You want to ask this hot person for a prom date. But he/she is always surrounded by friends. You

 Go and ask in front of everyone.     Wait till you find him/her alone.   

3. In a casino, you would spend your time

 Playing high stakes poker.     Trying your luck in slot machines.   

4. Would you try skydiving?

 Yes     No   

5. Have you intentionally broken traffic rules?

 Yes     No   

6. Would you go into a live-in relationship?

 Yes     No   

7. A hairstylist wants to experiment with your hair for a new look. You

 Tell her to go ahead.     Tell her to keep her ideas to herself.