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  Are you a cleanliness freak?

1. If you find a spot on your room wall, do you drop every other work and first try to clean it?

 Yes     No   

2. Do you let dust settle on your computer or laptop screen.

 Yes     No   

3. Your closest friend is sloppy about cleanliness at all. Does that affect your friendship?

 Yes     No   

4. You find your date very attractive but a little careless about clean habits. Will you date him/her again?

 Yes     No   

5. You take a hotel room, and find a rotten smell inside. What would you do?

 I will walk out and demand another room.     I will open the windows for some time and wait for the foul air to move out.   

6. You are in a great hurry in the morning to reach an important meeting. Do you avoid spending time on morning chores or complete your regular routine come what may?

 I cannot imagine walking out without my regular cleanliness routine.     I will rush for the meeting. After all what are mouth freshners and deo sprays for?   

7. On reaching home after a long and tiring drive, you find your car too dirty.

 Forget tiredness. I wash my car immediately.     Let it be, i will wash it the next day.