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How does Steve get his exercise?
He runs around the block.

Have you heard of the creeper that went to a party?
He had a BLAST!

What's a ghast's favorite country?
The Nether-Lands!

What did Steve say as he faced off against a skeleton with his pickaxe?
"I've got a bone to pick with you."

Why did the Creeper cross the road?
To get to the other Sssssssside!

Why did the sailor bring iron and gold into his boat?
He needed oars.

If there will ever be a Minecraft movie, then it would be a blockbuster.

Why can't the Ender Dragon read a book?
Because he always starts at the End.

How did Steve feel when he spent hours mining only to find nothing but coal?

Why don't blazes ever make businesses?
They keep firing people!

What is the national sport of Minecraft?

Why did the Creeper cross the road?
To get to the other sssssssssSSSSSSSSSsside.

What did Steve say to his girlfriend?
I dig you.

A zombie walks into work, and his boss tells him, "Did you get enough sleep last night? You look a bit dead this morning..."

What kind of parties do Minecraft players have?
"Block" parties.

A creeper walks into a bar. Everyone dies.

When I saw the guy with a potion I knew there was trouble brewing.

I asked if I could look for ores in an Italian minecrafter's cave. He said, "No it's-a mine"

This guy started to rage after he found out that he was raided. I told him to take it down a Notch.

I'd tell you a joke about the end, but it will just dragon.

What did the teacher say to the curious jungle cat?
You sure do Ocelot of questions.

How do you make people change direction in Minecraft?
You Block their path.

This guy lost everything to a grief raid. You could say he hit bedrock bottom.

Why would a mushroom make a good roommate?
It's a real fungi.

A sad horse walks into a bar. The villager that is the bar tender says: "Now, why the long face?"

I was having a hard time decorating all the parts in my mycelium build; there was just too mooshroom.

What's Cobblestone's favorite music?
Rock music.

What did the chicken say to the cow? Pleased to meat you.
What did the chicken say to the sheep? Pleased to meet ewe.
What did the chicken say to the ocean? Nothing, it just waved.

Did you hear about the murder of the snow golem?
It became a cold case.

What do you get if you push a music box down a mineshaft?
A flat minor.

How does Herobrine spy on people?
He uses "spy-ders".

Endermen scare people out if their mines.

After I took the wool off a sheep, it told me, "Sheariously?"

Why did the creeper cross the road?
There was an ocelot chasing him.

What did the minecraft turkey say?
cobble, cobble, cobble!

What's so good about cobblestone?
It's Hand-PICKED.

What is a creeper's favorite subject?

I heard Minecraft Steve isn't very good at thinking outside of the box.

Why are there no cars in Minecraft?
Because the streets are always blocked off.

Why couldn't the minecraft player go to the bar?
Because he was a miner.

An Insult:  Your IQ is lower than bedrock.

How good is Minecraft?

Why did the enderman cross the road?
He didn’t, he Teleported.

What's an enderman's favourite band?
Imagine Dragons!

How does Steve chop down trees with his fists?
How wood I know?

What is a pigman's favorite cereal?
Golden nuggets.


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