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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Discovering we are alone in the universe

Discovering we are not alone

Which is Worse?

Farting in a public bathroom that amplfiles the sound.

Farting in a public bathroom that amplflies the smell.

Which is Worse?

Having the guy you like making a really funny joke and you peeing all over the place because it was so funny

Sitting next to your crush and farting in complete silence

Which is Worse?

Pouring a big bowl of cereal and milk and later finding out the milk is sour

Pouring a big bowl of cereal and realizing there is no milk.

Which is Worse?

Having four fingers on each hand

Having only one eyebrow for the rest of your life

Which is Worse?

Being too trusting with everbody

Not being able to trust anybody

Which is Worse?

Always feeling guilty

Never feeling guilty

Which is Worse?

Never being able to brush your teeth again

Never being able to shower again

Which is Worse?

To live on your own but have no extra money and pay rent

To live with your parents but have extra money and free rent

Which is Worse?

Your Mom/Dad dating a guy/girl who is a complete loser?

Your Mom/Dad dating a guy/girl you already dated?

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