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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Being hated by all but living forever

Being loved by all but finding out that your death date is tomorrow

Which is Worse?

Not telling them, and having them die/move away the next day

Telling someone you love them, and them saying they don't love you

Which is Worse?

Getting dumped in a tub of cat poop.

Getting dumped in a tub of cockroaches.

Which is Worse?

Never being able to see you boyfriend/girlfriend again

Seeing him/her every single day all day and not being able to breakup

Which is Worse?

Having all your teeth pulled out one by one

Having your toenails pulled off one by one

Which is Worse?

Having a good idea and never being able to use it.

Having a good idea stolen from you.

Never having any good ideas.

Which is Worse?

Licking 500 payphones.

Licking a toilet rim at a gas station.

Which is Worse?

Eaten by your family member.

You eating the family member.

Which is Worse?

Having a bird fall out of the sky and hit you on the head

Ironing your shirt while still in it

Which is Worse?

Being clean and having dirty clothes

Being dirty and having clean clothes

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