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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Falling flat on your face after you gave a hot guy or girl your number.

Finding out you don’t have enough money when you get to the checkout and tons of people are in line behind you.

Which is Worse?

Spending eternity completely and utterly alone

Spending eternity with someone you hate

Which is Worse?

Getting the answer wrong because it seemed too obvious

Getting the answer wrong because you are just stupid

Which is Worse?

Having to bite down on a nail file as hard as you can and have someone rip it from your teeth

Having to put a toothpick under your toenail and then kick a ball (with your toe) as hard as you can

Which is Worse?

Having to read an entire encyclopedia out loud because of a bad grade

Having to read the entire bible out loud because of a bad deed

Which is Worse?

Standing in line at DMV

Standing in line at Port-O-Potty at a concert

Standing in line at Post Office

Which is Worse?

Regretting something you did

Regretting something you did not do

Which is Worse?

Having your eyes scooped out with a spoon

Having your fingers cut off one by one

Which is Worse?

Your boyfriend/girlfriend reading your diary

Your parents reading your diary

Which is Worse?

No candy on Halloween

No food and no parade on Thanksgiving

No presents on Christmas

Outlawed egg dying and no chocolate bunnies on Easter

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