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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Being abandoned at a young age

Living with your parents until you die

Which is Worse?

Being stared at for an hour straight

Being tickled for an hour straight

Which is Worse?

Blowing your nose loudly in a silent room while others are taking a test

Sniffing your snot back up your nose every 5 seconds

Which is Worse?

Ran out of toilet paper

Ran out of underwear

Which is Worse?

Being alive and miserable

Being dead in peace

Which is Worse?

Being the only drunk person in a crowd of sober people

Being the only sober person in a crowd of drunk people

Which is Worse?

Falling flat on your face after you gave a hot guy or girl your number.

Finding out you don’t have enough money when you get to the checkout and tons of people are in line behind you.

Which is Worse?

Spending eternity completely and utterly alone

Spending eternity with someone you hate

Which is Worse?

Getting the answer wrong because it seemed too obvious

Getting the answer wrong because you are just stupid

Which is Worse?

Having to bite down on a nail file as hard as you can and have someone rip it from your teeth

Having to put a toothpick under your toenail and then kick a ball (with your toe) as hard as you can

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