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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Falling in the hole of an outhouse

Having someone tip over a port-o-potty while you’re in it

Which is Worse?

Having your boss find a nasty email you wrote about him/her

Having your friend find a nasty email you wrote about him/her

Which is Worse?

Not sneaking out at all and missing the fun

Sneaking out, having the time of your life, then getting caught

Which is Worse?

Having a painful future

Having a painful past

Having a painful present

Which is Worse?

Not getting presents on Christmas

Not getting presents on your birthday

Which is Worse?

Seeing someone w/ a booger collection

Seeing someone with a road kill collection

Which is Worse?

In the middle of a forest surrounded by bears

In the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks

Which is Worse?

Insomnia (can’t sleep)

Narcolepsy (falling asleep suddenly when you don’t want to)

Which is Worse?

Getting a creepy phone call

Getting a threatening e-mail

Which is Worse?

Falling asleep right away so that the other can play pranks and make fun of you

Not being able to fall asleep at a sleepover when everyone else is asleep

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