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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Being mean to a friend

Being nice to an enemy

Which is Worse?

Getting made fun of for getting off the bus and falling on the ice and then trying to get up and fall again

Having a rumor going around the school that you asked out the ugliest and fattest person in your school

Which is Worse?

Drinking someone else's sweat

Eating someone else's boogers

Which is Worse?

Watching your best friend being beaten up and deciding not to do anything

You beating up your best friend

Which is Worse?

Having to have each tooth pulled out one by one

Having your fingers broken one by one

Which is Worse?

Throwing up at a fair in front of the person you like

Throwing up in front of your class at school

Which is Worse?

Being fat for the rest of your life

Being ugly for the rest of your life

Which is Worse?

Being dragged along a gravel road until the bone on your arm is exposed

Getting your achilles tendon cut

Which is Worse?

Beating up the most loved person in the world and everybody hating you for it

Being beat up by the weakest person in the world

Which is Worse?

Not telling a friend you like them and going through hell everytime they get a partner

Telling them and loosing them as a friend

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