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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

To have a job you hate but get paid really well?

To have a job you love but get paid really badly

Which is Worse?

Being tickled in your armpits?

Being tickled on your feet?

Which is Worse?

Being stuck on a desert island alone

Being stuck on a desert island with your worst enemy

Which is Worse?

Going to church for the rest of your life

Going to school for the rest of your life

Which is Worse?

Dumping your BF/GF and then realizing you have strong feelings for him

Finding out your BF/GF dumpped you and he told everyone but you

Which is Worse?

Being alone with your boss and farting super loud, but no smell

Farting silently and having it smell like a cow died

Which is Worse?

Being as skinny as a rail and never wanting to eat.

Being fat and always wanting to eat.

Which is Worse?

Farting in class

Farting while in the Principal's office

Which is Worse?

Not getting a trophy when you should have gotten one

Recieving a trophy then finding out it was an accident

Which is Worse?

Getting each of your hairs on your head pulled out one by one

Having each of your eyelashes pulled out one by one?

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