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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Alive and wishing you were dead

Almost dead and wishing you were alive

Which is Worse?

Buying a fake designer purse and thinking it was real

Buying a fake one and telling people it was real then someone found out it wasn't

Which is Worse?

Being the last person on earth with a hottie that smells awful and throws up every minute

Being the last person on earth with the ugliest boy/girl

Which is Worse?

Being told off for hitting the person who said they looked hideous

Being told your braces look hideous

Which is Worse?

Having to lick a bus seat

Having to lick a trash can rim

Which is Worse?

Someone telling you it's a fancy dress party when its not

Someone telling you it's not fancy dress party when it is

Which is Worse?

Your dad giving you a wedgie in front of your friends

Your friends giving you a wedgie in front of your dad

Which is Worse?

Being loved and adored for doing the wrong thing

Being shunned and discriminated against for doing the right thing

Which is Worse?

Having a bad cold sore on your lip while on a date

Having an oozing pimple on your forehead while on a date

Which is Worse?

Having that one food that you love be the only thing you can eat for eternity

Having the food you cannot live without get too expensive for you to buy it anymore

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