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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Being bitten until you bleed

Tickled until you wet your pants

Which is Worse?

Being a driver with a passenger that keeps changing your radio stations

Being a passenger with a really slow driver

Which is Worse?

Having someone ram a needle in your eye

Having someone ram a needle up your butt

Which is Worse?

Drinking a glass of milk that expired three months ago

Eating a handful of raisins to later find out that they were bugs

Which is Worse?

Getting beat up in front of everyone at school

Getting caught making out with your teacher

Which is Worse?

The baby next to you on a plane crying

The guy next to you on a plane snoring

Which is Worse?

Breaking every bone in your body

Having open heart surgery on your wedding day

Which is Worse?

Occupying a smelly bathroom

Smelling up a bathroom right as someone walks in

Which is Worse?

Spending a week in hell

Spending an eternity at the in-laws

Which is Worse?

Being the shortest person you know

Being the tallest person you know

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