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  Decide Which Situation Is Worse:
Which is Worse?

Having your dog poop on you

Having your dog throw up on you

Which is Worse?

Having the best make-out session with someone you hate

Having the worst make-out session with someone you love

Which is Worse?

Not telling them but not never knowing if they felt the same way

Telling someone you like them and they humiliate you

Which is Worse?

Falling down and then farting in front of the guy/girl you like

Sitting on the guy/girl you like's lap and peeing your pants

Which is Worse?

Being immortal and having all your limbs amputated

Being immortal and living with cancer and every disease known to man

Which is Worse?

Getting your head stuck in a bucket

Getting your tongue stuck on a pole

Which is Worse?

Breaking someones' heart

Having your heart broken

Which is Worse?

Having chapped lips for the rest of your life and never being able to use chapstick

Not being able to brush your teeth for the rest of your life

Which is Worse?

Bleeding to death

Starving to death

Which is Worse?

Everybody thinking that you are annoying

Everybody thinking you are dull

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