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The history of theme park, BonBon-land, can be dated back to when the Danish sweets boiler, Michael Spangsberg, got an idea to produce the notorious candy with the funny and well-known names 'mågeklatter', 'hundeprutter' and 'tissebleer'.

From very early on, the candy became extremely popular, and especially schools and kindergartens wanted to visit the factory in Holme Olstrup, a small Danish town in the countryside, to see how the cheeky and delicious pieces of candy were made. However, the production of the candy had to fulfil some very strict regulations concerning hygiene, for which reason the factory could not receive visitors initially. As a result, Michael Spangsberg came up with yet another good idea - to open a small Bonbon-land.

In 1992, the theme park finally opened a mini candy factory, a cinema, a shop and released four small boats, shaped like a duck, in a small and nearby pond. Following this, success was quickly visible, strengthening Bonbon-land’s position as one of Denmark’s most visited theme parks. Consequently, Bonbon-land actually came in as number eight on a list of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions in 2008.

Today, Bonbon-land is owned by the Spanish company, Parques Reunidos, which is the world’s third largest distributor of theme parks, safari parks and aqua worlds. In total, Parques Reunidos owns 67 theme parks around the world

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Source: Wikipedia shared under Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike License