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Top Ten Silly And Dumb Christmas Songs Ever

Posted on: 11-28-2012
These silly and dumb Christmas songs might make you laugh or might even be catchy at times but in the end, I think that we can all agree that these are the top ten silly and dumb Christmas songs ever.

10. What do you get a wookie for christmas ( When he already owns a comb)

9. I Farted on Santa's Lap

8. Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey

7. I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas - Yogi Yorgesson

6. I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas

5. Elmo & Patsy - Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer

4. Christmas Shoes - New Song

Some might disagree with this one but after awhile, it gets to be very depressing and should even be a Christmas song.

3. Muck Sticky - I Wanna Be A Christmas Tree

2. Family Guy - Ding fries are done

1. Pimp My Sleigh

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