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Top 10 Hula Hoop Dancers

Posted on: 07-16-2014
Hula Hoop Dancing ("Hooping") is a combination of dancing and hula hooping.
Most hula hoop dancers make their own hoops to allow for better control.

Here are some Hoop Dancing videos for you to watch:

1. That Old Pair of Jeans by Fatboy Slim:

2. Graceful, Smooth Hooping to the song Jezebel by Iron & Wine:

3. Baketball Hooping:

4. Small Hula Hooping by Tiana Zoumer:

5. Ciara Blossom:

6. Lisa Lottie Street Hula Hoop:

7. Rachael Dancing to "Say Hey (I Love You)" by Michael Franti & Spearhead:

8. Kaylee Brown Hooping to Alive by Kid Cudi:

9. Pregnant Hooping:

10. Lisa Angel at Flow Festival:

Bones Hula Hoop Dancing Videos:

11. Native American Hoop Dancing by World Champion Brian Hammill:

12. Fire Hooping by Samantha Hollandsworth:

13. Satya in London:

14. Futuristic LED Hooping to Dance of the Pixies by Machinima Sound:

15. Rachael - Dubstep Hooping:

Article Author: Eric Borgos on Google+

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