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The Top 10 Funniest Christmas Movies Ever
One of the best things about the holiday season is all of the funny Christmas movies. If you're not in the Holiday spirit or just need some good Holiday cheer all you'll need to do is just pop in one of those funny Christmas movies and then by the end of the movie your Christmas blues should be gone...... Continue reading

Top Ten Christmas Lights 2012
Every year during the holidays people go crazy adding Christmas lights to their houses. Below you can watch Youtube videos of the top ten Christmas light displays of the 2012 Christmas season: 1. Christmas Lights Gangnam Style (Original) 2...... Continue reading

Top 10 Christmas Jokes
Need some holiday cheer? Here are the top 10 Christmas Jokes! 1. What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes... 2. How much did Santa pay for his sleigh? Nothing, it was on the house 3. What is invisible and smells like milk and cookies? Santa's burps 4...... Continue reading

Top Ten Silly And Dumb Christmas Songs Ever
These silly and dumb Christmas songs might make you laugh or might even be catchy at times but in the end, I think that we can all agree that these are the top ten silly and dumb Christmas songs ever. 10. What do you get a wookie for christmas ( When he already owns a comb) 9...... Continue reading

10 funny dumb commercials
Some commercials might be funny but others are just so dumb that you mute the volume right away. Here are the top 10 funny dumb commercials. These are so dumb that you might actually just laugh. 10. GameFly Commercial "Bad Game" 03232009 HQ Version Bad Game? Surely you meant bad commercial...... Continue reading

10 Dumb Christmas Gifts
It might be hard buying a Christmas gift for someone. If you are trying to shop for someone that has everything then here are 10 dumb Christmas gift ideas. Weird or dumb? You decide. 10. Alien USB Collectible Is this something that you would really want sitting on the desk every day? This is for sure not something that I would like but if you are a fan of the movie Aliens then you might enjoy this Alien USB collectible...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumbest Infomercial Products
Many informercial products turn out to be very useful, but here are some we think are destined for failure: 10. Tiddy Bear If you're tired of that seat belt "digging in" then you're not alone! What you need is the Tiddy Bear. 9...... Continue reading

Top 10 Strangest Sports
Do you ever get tired of watching Football or Baseball? What about watching one of these strangest sports? Here is a list of the top 10 strangest sports. 10. Bog Snorkeling Bog Snorkeling is a strange sports event that happens every year along the Waen Rhydd Peat Bog that is near the Llanwrtyd Wells located in Powys, Wales...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Criminals of 2012
Some criminals just deserve to be locked up at least for a night. Here are the top 10 dumb criminals of 2012. 10. Marcia Usher Called 911 Hoping They Would Help Her Find A Place to Pee In The Woods Yes, you read that correctly. Marcia Usher called 911 because she couldn't find a place to pee out in the woods...... Continue reading

Top 10 Worst TV Shows of 2012
In 2012 there has been a mixture of some of the worst TV shows and some of the best TV shows. Some of the best TV shows of 2012 include The Walking Dead, Justified, Community and Mad Men but what are some of the worst TV shows of 2012? Here is the Top 10 Worst TV Shows of 2012...... Continue reading

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