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Top 10 Strange DIY Gadgets
DIY stands for Do It Yourself. A lot of people take on DIY projects and as a result some cool gadgets have been made but yet at the same time some odd and strange DIY Gadgets have been made. Let's take a look at the top 10 strange DIY Gadgets. 10...... Continue reading

Top 10 Odd Diseases
Diseases change over the years but no matter what there will always be odd diseases. In the US fewer than around 200,000 people become afflicted with these odd diseases. A disease can sometimes be fatal and other diseases people might quickly recover from and resume their life back as it use to be...... Continue reading

Top 10 Scary And Dumb Charity Scams
It is sad but there are many people in the country that get scammed and criminals will do anything they can if they think that they will get money. Sometimes this means a criminal might even use charity and beg for money and people fall for it because they want to help others...... Continue reading

Top 10 Cool Items To Donate To Charities
If you find yourself needing to get rid of a lot of stuff one of the things that you should consider is donating those items to charity. A lot of people wonder what are some good items to donate to charities so here are the top 10 cool items to donate to charities...... Continue reading

Top 10 Strange Sea Creatures
The sea has a lot of strange sea creatures in it. Almost every year it seems as if a new odd creature is discovered. Other sea creatures stay tucked away and we will never know about them which could be a good thing. Here are the top 10 strange sea creatures...... Continue reading

Top 10 Vintage Toys
These days you will find plenty of neat toys. Have toys really changed all of that much from back in the early days to now? Lets find out with taking a look at the top 10 vintage toys. 10. Tom Tinker Toy 9. 20s Pedal Cars 8. Erector Sets 7...... Continue reading

Top 10 Celebs Worst Hairstyles Ever
There are some hairstyles that just make you smile because they just look so dumb. Here are the top 10 celebs worst hairstyles ever. 10. Andrew Bynum: Afro 9. David Beckham's: Braids 8. Lady Gaga: The Blonde Bombshell 7. Mena Suvari: The Beehive 6...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Pet Names
Looking for a pet name? You might want to avoid using these top 10 dumb pet names. 1. Puss 2. Dick 3. Meatloaf 4. Wimp 5. Ducttape 6. Freeway 7. Tailless 8. Sir Crapsalot 9. Chinese Food 10. Norman Tinkle-Winkle... Continue reading

Top 10 Urban Legends
It is always good knowing some urban legends because they can come in handy when you would like to scare your friends around the camp fire or when you are passing them on to your children. There are some urban legends that might have just been a warning to people and then there are others that have more meaning and might make you feel uneasy before you crawl under the bed at night...... Continue reading

Top 10 Gross Bugs
There are many differences that we might have as humans but one thing that we might be able to agree on would be the grossest bugs in the world. Some bugs might look very cool and others just odd looking but there are other bugs that just look gross. Here are the 10 gross bugs...... Continue reading

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