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Top 10 Weirdest Art Ever
Some art is great to look at and can be very inspiring but there is some art out there that makes you wonder what on earth was the artist thinking. Here is the top 10 weirdest art that you will ever find. 10. Tigers Made of Human Hair Art 9...... Continue reading

Top 10 Stupid and Ridiculous iPhone Apps
The iPhone has a lot of cool apps but some apps just seem to be stupid and ridiculous. Let's check out the top 10 stupid and ridiculous iPhone apps. 1. Waterslide Extreme 2. Pocket Girlfriend 3. Hold the Button 4. SimStapler 5...... Continue reading

Top 10 Fairy Tales You Might Not Know
There are many famous fairy tales such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty but you will find that there are also other fairy tales that you might not of heard before. Here are the top 10 fairy tales that you might not know. 1. The Goose Girl 2...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Fitness Products
Some fitness products turn out great and can be very useful but other fitness products might help but also just look very dumb. Here are the 10 dumbest fitness products. 10. Bounce Back Chair 9. The Thigh Master 8. Red Fitness XL System 7...... Continue reading

Top 10 Common Misconceptions
1. People Should Drink At Least Eight Glasses of Water a Day- Studies by nutritionists have shown this is not true. Water doesn't provide any better hydration than other drinks such as coffee, milk, soda, juice, or foods that have high water content like fruits and vegetables...... Continue reading

Top 10 Strange Birds
In this world you will find some birds that look wonderful and some that might just look strange. Let's take a look at the top 10 strange birds. 10. Marabou Stork 9. Kiwi 8. Cassowary 7. Shoebill Heron 6. Sri Lanka Frogmouth 5...... Continue reading

Top 10 April Fools Day Pranks 2013
April Fools Day this year was filled with all kinds of jokes online from Google to Toshiba. Here are the top 10 April Fools Day jokes for 2013. 10. Google Nose 9. Gmail Blue 8. Toshiba Fakes A Video Game Console Called Shibashere 7...... Continue reading

Top 10 Odd Technologies For Your Health
Society seems to be moving very fast now with technology and more so in the medical field and in the area of health. The technology in the medical health field is always changing and they are working hard to improve how things are done in the health field...... Continue reading

Top 10 Awesome 21st Century Bank Robberies
Bank Robbers have been glorified for many centuries and characters like Butch Cassidy and Robin Hood often times come to mind when you think of famous bank robbers. Want to know the latest bank robberies that's happened within the 21st century? Here are the top 10 21st century bank robberies...... Continue reading

Top 10 Disgusting Ingredients You Eat Regularly
You would be amazed at the disgusting ingredients that you eat daily or either at some point throughout the week. Sometimes these ingredients get labeled as natural flavors and make it sound a lot more intriguing when they are still disgusting. Here are the top 10 disgusting ingredients that you eat regularly...... Continue reading

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