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10 Dumb iPhone 5 Cases
10 . Bling Bling Flower 3d Case ($74.99) 9. Otterbox iPhone 5 Commuter Series 3D Case ($44.95) 8. Brass Knuckles iPhone 5 Case ($7.99) 7. Monster Fur Cover for iPhone 5 ($34.99) 6. iPhone Etch-A-Sketch Case ($23.99) 5...... Continue reading

10 Foods Your Father Might Love
If you are wanting to cook something special for your father then check out these 10 foods your father might love. You might also love them. 10. Cast-Iron Steak 9. Hamburgers 8. Hotdogs 7. Corn on the Cob 6. Strawberry Salad 5...... Continue reading

10 Ways To Celebrate Fathers Day Outside
Father's Day is approaching fast and you might be trying to plan your special day. Instead of spending the day inside take your father out. If you are out of ideas then maybe these 10 ways to celebrate Father's Day outside will help you. 10...... Continue reading

10 Geek Gift Ideas for Fathers Day
Father's day is almost here. If you have a geek father and not sure what to get him then check out these 10 geek gift ideas for Father's day. 10. Dell XPS 18 9. Tactical BBQ Apron 8. The Pro Tech Toolkit 7. Pogo Connect 6...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Summer Holidays
Summer can be a lot of fun and part of the fun might have to do with these top 10 dumb summer holidays. 1. June 23rd - Take Your Dog to Work Day 2. July 2nd - World UFO Day 3. July 4th is known for Independence Day but it's also Sidewalk Egg Frying Day 4...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Facts About Vampires
If you are into vampires and think that you might know everything about them then these 10 dumb facts about vampires might just surprise you. 1. A vampire does not have any reflection 2. Vampires go as far back as the Egyptians Does the name warrior goddess Sekhmet ring a bell? She was an Egyptian and rumor has it that she craved the blood of men...... Continue reading

Top 10 Worst Unhealthy Drinks
There are some drinks that you love and other drinks that might just be epic fails. What you might not think about is just how bad they are for you. Read the ingredients and calories of your next drink to see just how unhealthy it might be for you. Here are the top 10 worst unhealthy drinks ever that can taste so good...... Continue reading

Top 10 Stupid Action Movies of the 90s
Some action movies in the 90's happened to be just fantastic but then others came out that made us all wonder what the heck are we watching? Let's flashback to the 90's and review the top 10 stupid action movies of the 90's. 10. Black Dog (1998) 9...... Continue reading

Top 10 Weirdest Art Ever
Some art is great to look at and can be very inspiring but there is some art out there that makes you wonder what on earth was the artist thinking. Here is the top 10 weirdest art that you will ever find. 10. Tigers Made of Human Hair Art 9...... Continue reading

Top 10 Stupid and Ridiculous iPhone Apps
The iPhone has a lot of cool apps but some apps just seem to be stupid and ridiculous. Let's check out the top 10 stupid and ridiculous iPhone apps. 1. Waterslide Extreme 2. Pocket Girlfriend 3. Hold the Button 4. SimStapler 5...... Continue reading

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