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10 Dumb Christmas Movies
There are some classic Christmas movies out there that are just awesome but then there are some very dumb Christmas movies. Check out these 10 Dumb Christmas movies. 10. He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special 9. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians 8...... Continue reading

10 Odd Thanksgiving Facts
When it's time for Thanksgiving and you're trying to start up a conversation then these 10 odd Thanksgiving facts might come in handy. 1. The very first Thanksgiving that happened they only had spoons and knives they could eat with and that's how it was done...... Continue reading

10 Unusual Thanksgiving Traditions
Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year and you will find that many people have Thanksgiving traditions that they do yearly. Some of these traditions are popular and others tend to be unusual. Let's check out 10 Unusual Thanksgiving traditions. 1...... Continue reading

10 Silly Thanksgiving Songs
Thanksgiving is a lot of fun. Sometimes you might find yourself struggling and not in the mood to celebrate it. If you find yourself like that this year then check out these 10 silly Thanksgiving songs. 1. Thanksgiving Overture 2. A Funny Thanksgiving Song 3...... Continue reading

10 Odd Thanksgiving Foods
When you think of Thanksgiving foods you might start to picture turkey or chicken at your table but there are many Thanksgiving foods out there that might surprise you because they are odd. Let's check out 10 odd Thanksgiving foods. 1. Frog Eye Salad 2...... Continue reading

10 Odd Thanksgiving Desserts
On Thanksgiving day one of the most popular desserts is pumpkin pie but you will find plenty of other Thanksgiving desserts that people might enjoy. Some of these desserts are great but some of them might be just odd. Let's check out 10 odd Thanksgiving desserts...... Continue reading

10 Weird Pumpkin Recipes
If you love pumpkin and looking for a unique pumpkin recipe then check out these 10 weird pumpkin recipes. 1. Pumpkin Lasagne 2. Pumpkin Soup 3. Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Cream Sauce 4. Pumpkin Peas Curry 5. Pumpkin-Seed Guacamole 6...... Continue reading

10 Fun and Dumb Halloween Songs
This is a mixture of both fun and dumb Halloween songs. What ones are fun and dumb? You decide. 1. Monster Mash 2. The Headless Horseman 3. The Monsters Hop by Bert Convy 4. Beware! by Bill Buchanan 5. Swamp Thing by THE GRID 6...... Continue reading

10 Dumb Halloween Superstitions
Halloween is a time for myths, folklore, superstitions and bad omens. A superstition is the belief of behaving in a way that is just based on your fears of the unknown and it's also based on your fears of luck or magic. Here are 10 dumb Halloween superstitions...... Continue reading

10 Weird Scary Movies
Some scary movies are great but then there are some scary movies which are just weird. Check out these 10 weird scary movies. 1. Society (1989) 2. Tesis 3. Teeth 4. Deadgirl 5. The Innkeepers 6. Dread 7. American Psycho 8...... Continue reading

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