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10 Dumb Card Games
These 10 games are very popular but at the same time, they can be dumb and annoying to play. Check out these 10 dumb card games. 1. 52 Card Pick Up 2. Snip Snap Snorem 3. Chase the Ace 4. Steal the Old Man's Pack 5. Pig Card Game 6...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Board Games
Board games are very popular but there are some that people can't stand. Some of these board games might be very popular but yet at the same time, dumb. Check out these top 10 dumb board games. 1. Hangman From Milton-Bradley 2. The Sinking Of The Titanic Board Game Made By Ideal Toy Group 3...... Continue reading

Top 10 Ugly Plants
If you're wanting to have some beautiful plants in the garden this year then you might want to avoid these top 10 ugly plants. 1. Corpse flower 2. Stinky squid 3. Sea Onion 4. Alpine Cushion Plants 5. Nepenthes Plant 6...... Continue reading

10 Ugly Spring Bugs
These ugly bugs you'll find mainly in Spring between the months of March until May. Check out these 10 ugly spring bugs. 1. Furrow Spiders 2. Jumping Spiders 3. The Mayfly 4. Caddis Fly Larva 5. Boxelder Bug 6...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Fantasy Creatures
Some of these fantasy creatures are popular but even though they are popular, they are still considered dumb. Check out these Top 10 dumb fantasy creatures. 1. Jiminy Cricket 2. Falkor The Luckdragon 3. Aslan 4. Hoqsqueal 5...... Continue reading

Top 10 Strange Vegetables From Around The World
If you don't like to eat vegetables then maybe you should check out these top 10 strange vegetables from around the world because you might just be bored with what you have right now. 1. Oca: New Zealand yam 2. Tiger Nut: Spain 3. Romanesco Cauliflower 4...... Continue reading

Top 10 Strange Candies From Around The World
There's a lot of candy available that you will find that looks good and taste great. However, there's some candy that you might look at and stay away from just because it looks so strange. Here's the Top 10 Strange Candies From Around The World 1...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Cartoons From The 90s and 80s
The 90's and 80's had some great cartoon classics but at the same time, they also had some of the worst ever cartoons. Here are the top 10 Dumb Cartoons From The 90's and 80's. 1. The Get Along Gang 2. Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain 3. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 4...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Android Apps
The Android market has a variety of apps available. Some of the Android apps can be very educational and some of them might just be for fun. However, the Android market also has a few apps available that happen to be very dumb. Check out these Top 10 dumb Android Apps...... Continue reading

Top 10 Dumb Superheroes
Some superheroes out there are great and we all love them but then there are some superheroes that are just dumb. Check out these top 10 dumb superheroes. 1. Aquaman 2. The Wonder Twins 3. The Legion of the Superpets 4. She-Thing from Marvel Comics Fantastic Four 5...... Continue reading

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