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Money says earn me lot, time says plan me lot, flower says love me lot, study says learn me lot, sms says send me lot,& I say remember me lot...
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Hi, i'm standing by my window, waiting for ur message, if u don't sms me i'll jump from …………the ground floor
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

My cell phone loves it when u sms:
Its little face lights up,
Bursts in to beeps and
Has ur name written all over it.
I think u should sms more often,
I think it likes u!
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Life without ur sms is tea w/o sugar, coffee w/o milk, bread w/o butter,salad w/o onion, candy w/o cream, chicken w/o spice, icecream w/o ice, me w/o u!
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Our friendship is expiring, our love is expiring, if u want to continue our love and friendship then send me a cool sms.
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Question: how much space in ur heart 4 me ??
Choices :
100% … write a song n send me
90% … send me lovely sms
75% … send fwd sms
50% … one miss call
25% … no answer :s
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Smoke everyday
K-kool sms
So be cool and smoke everydy
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

U look sweet when u open my sms,
U look sweeter when u read and smile,
But u look sweetest when u reply,
So always try to look sweetest...
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Doctors prescription 4 u...
A cute little smile 4 breakfast,
More laughs 4 lunch,
And lots of happiness 4 dinner...
Doctor's fees?
A sms whenever u r free....
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

B4 u speak - listen,
B4 u write - think,
B4 u spend - earn,
B4 u criticise - wait,
B4 u pray - forgive,
B4 u quit - try,
B4 u msg others - msg me
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Hi,congradulations,u r todays winner.
1st prize: good friendship
2nd prize: lot of love
3rd prize: life long sms.
For conferm ur prize, send sms to my mobile and to get ur prize contact me
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Ur validity of being my friend is going 2 b expired today,
Plz recharge ur friendship immidetly by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool msgs.so hurry
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

I woke up a few hours ago, but somehow i feel incomplete til i remembered i haven’t texted u yet. Have a pleasant morning!
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Heart can skip beat for a while... Memories can be kept in d file... A desert can be replaced by nile. But nothing can stop a smile, when ur name comes on my mobile.
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

You may have 3 reasons for not messaging me:
1. No balance.
2. No free sms package. Or
3. No guts to disturb a prince.
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Great people talk about ideas,
Average people talk about things,
Small people talk about other people, and
Legends never talk, they send sms...
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

I am in hospital now. After 5 minutes, i will be transferred to a surgery room. The doctor told me, i will die if i stop receiving your sms.
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Without ur sms days are like- moanday tearsday wasteday thirstday frightday shatterday & sadday so sms me everyday!!!!
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

Relationship is like a garden. It's beautiful when watered with...love, hugs, tears & cheers. But it dries up if left untouched...so pls keep in touch...
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

How much space 4 me in ur heart? 100% sing a song. 75% call me.50% send sms 25%miss call. No responce means no space
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

A raindrop may look 2 smal 2 eyes bt
Somewhere a thirsty flower await its fall.
A small sms may seem 2 smal 2 u but
Somwhere a heart remembers u when it receives your sms.
Keep sms’ing.
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

9 lessons in life:
Learn 2 care, learn 2 smile, learn 2 cry, learn 2 give, learn 2 forgive, learn to share, learn to trust, learn 2 love & learn 2 sms me daily…!!!
~ Send Me SMS Text Message

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