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  The Adventures of Salt & Pepper

About The Show

An animated musical adventure called The Adventures of Salt & Pepper, about a rapping dog and cat. From the very talented creator London Lyric teaming up once again with the brilliant creator of Dumb.com. Bringing you a hip hop musical animation that's sure to be having you bouncing your head to this amazing sound.

Strong but smooth hip hop beats layred with other funky instruments, topped off with the smooth vocals of Salt & Pepper. Inspired by the great Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Nate Dogg.

About Salt (the Dog):

A smooth rapping greyhound dog who sounds like his hero Snoop Dogg.

He also loves to hang out with Pepper. He loves his puppy chow, Kibbles N Bits and his bone that he uses as a mic.

About Pepper (the Cat):

A hard hitting MC who loves to rap and play pranks on humans with his homie Salt.

Pepper loves to climb trees, chew on stuff, and loves to get into trouble and talk his way out with his smooth sneaky style..

Episode One: The Dog Catcher
Episode Two: Lunch Time

Episode Three: Flea Collar
Episode Four: Party

Episode Five: Spaided
Episode Six: Trick or Treat