Search » Riddles» There were 2 legs sitting on 3 legs eating 1 leg. Up comes 4 legs knocks down 3 legs and 2 legs. Up jumps 2 legs knocks down 4 legs and runs away with 3 legs and 1 leg. How many legs are left? Explain.

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Answer: 4 legs. There was a 2 legged man sitting on a 3 legged stool eating a 1 legged chicken. Up comes a 4 legged dog and knocks down the 3 legged stool and the 2 legged man. Up jumps the 2 legged man knocks down the 4 legged dog and runs away with the 3 legged stool and the 1 legged chicken. The 4 legged dog is still there from when the man knocked him down.