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  Funny Riddles - Page 4
With pointed fangs it sits in wait With piercing force its doles out fate Over bloodless victims proclaiming its might Eternally joining in a single bite. What am I?
Runs over fields and woods all day Under the bed at night sits not alone With long tongue hanging out Awaiting for a bone.
A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die? Please note that he did not add the poison. Also nothing was added to punch after he left.
When I asked her how old she was she smiled and said cryptically:'The day before yesterday I was 22 but next year I'll be 25.' What is her birthday and when was the date of our conversation?
A plane crashed and every single person on board this flight were killed yet there were survivors. Explain how?
There is a coffin. The mother of the person in the coffin is the mother-in-law of your mother. Who is the person in the coffin?
Since a person uses about the same amount of energy walking 2 miles as they would running for 2 miles would a person use more energy running for 10 minutes, walking for ten minutes, or the same amount of energy?
Lauren and Alice are talking long distance on the phone. Lauren is in an East-Coast US state which borders the Atlantic Ocean and Alice is in a West-Coast state which borders the Pacific Ocean. Lauren asks Alice: 'What time is it?' Alice replies and Lauren says: 'That's really odd. It's the same time here!' How can this be?
A man has to pay a bill of $200 to a doctor. He pays it but he gets so mad that he goes to rob a house. He took every single thing except for $200 in an envelope. Why didn't he take the $200?
What are the only 2 states that have their state name in their capital?
When do elephants have 8 feet?
A man rode into town on friday and three days later he rode out on friday... How?

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