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The rather since every man is the son of his own works. (Quote by - Cervantes)

Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly hard for them. (Quote by - Chaim Weizmann)

The simple idea that everyone needs a reasonable amount of challenging work in his or her life, and also a personal life, complete with noncompetitive leisure, has never really taken hold. (Quote by - Judith Martin)

To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day. (Quote by - Anson G. Chester)

The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary. (Quote by - Vidal Sassoon)

The sport I love has taken me around the world and shown me many things. (Quote by - Bonnie Blair)

We can redeem anyone who strives unceasingly. (Quote by - Goethe)

Any man who has had the job I've had and didn't have a sense of humor wouldn't still be here. (Quote by - Harry S. Truman)

Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Half effort does not produce half results, it produces no results. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last. (Quote by - Hamilton Holt)

A ploughman on his legs is higher than a gentleman on his knees. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Get leave to work In this world,--'tis the best you get at all. (Quote by - Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

There will be little drudgery in this better ordered world. Natural power harnessed in machines will be the general drudge. What drudgery is inevitable will be done as a service and duty for a few years or months out of each life; it will not consume nor degrade the whole life of anyone. (Quote by - H.G. Wells)

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. (Quote by - Harriet Van Home)

The fiction pleased; our generous train complies, Nor fraud mistrusts in virtue's fair disguise. The work she plyed, but, studious of delay, Each following night reversed the toils of day. (Quote by - Homer)

Work is creativity accompanied by the comforting realization that one is bringing forth something really good and necessary, with a conviction that a sudden, arbitrary cessation would cause a sensitive void, produce a loss. (Quote by - Jenny Heynrichs)

Be strong! We are not here to play, to dream, to drift; We have hard work to do and loads to lift; Shun not the struggle-face it; 'tis God's gift. (Quote by - Maltbie D. Babcock)

Work is love made visible. (Quote by - Kahlil Gibran)

The only sin passion can commit is to be joyless. (Quote by - Dorothy L. Sayers)

Beware all enterprises that require new clothes. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

God gave man work, not to burden him, but to bless him, and useful work, willingly, cheerfully, effectively done, has always been the finest expression of the human spirit. (Quote by - Walter R. Courtenay)

The happy people are those who are producing something. (Quote by - William Ralph Inge)

Give the labourer his wage before his perspiration be dry. (Quote by - Muhammad)

I believe you are your work. Don't trade the stuff of your life, time, for nothing more than dollars. That's a rotten bargain (Quote by - Rita Mae Brown)

If you could once make up your mind never to undertake more work ... than you can carry on calmly, quietly, without hurry or flurry ... and if the instant you feel yourself growing nervous and ... out of breath, you would stop and take a breath, you would find this simple common-sense rule doing for you what no prayers or tears could ever accomplish. (Quote by - Elizabeth Prentiss)

What a richly colored strong warm coat is woven when love is the warp and work is the woof. (Quote by - Marge Piercy)

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