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What is perfectly true is perfectly witty. (Quote by - La Rochefoucauld)

Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food. (Quote by - William Hazlitt)

A God without dominion, providence, and final causes, is nothing else but fate and nature. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

Insanity destroys reason, but not wit. (Quote by - Nathaniel Emmons)

Wit is the epitaph of an emotion. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

Wit, now and then, struck smartly, shows a spark. (Quote by - William Cowper)

Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar; never spread it about like marmalade. (Quote by - Noel Coward)

They kept trying to sponge down my face with cool water and all I could do was shout 'be careful of my hair!' because I didn't want it to go all curly. (Quote by - Jordan)

First, make yourself a reputation for being a creative genius. Second, surround yourself with partners who are better than you are. Third, leave them go get on with it. (Quote by - David Ogilvy)

When I was a rapper, the groupies didn't have to try too hard with me. Just show up at the hotel. (Quote by - Mark Wahlberg)

Wit is the clash and reconcilement of incongruities; the meeting of extremes round a corner. (Quote by - Leigh Hunt)

True wit is nature to advantage dress'd What oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

Too caustic? To hell with cost; we'll make the picture anyhow. Every director bites the hand that lays the golden egg. We have all passed a lot of water since then. (Quote by - Samuel Goldwyn)

We grant, although he had much wit, H' was very shy of using it, As being loth to wear it out, And therefore bore it not about; Unless on holy days or so, As men their best apparel do. (Quote by - Samuel Butler 1)

The distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny. (Quote by - Edward Abbey)

If you can't pay for a thing, don't buy it. If you can't get paid for it, don't sell it. Do this, and you will have calm and drowsy nights, with all of the good business you have now and none of the bad. If you have time, don't wait for time. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Great men may jest with saints; 'tis wit in them; But, in the less foul profanation. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

He who has provoked the shaft of wit, cannot complain that he smarts from it. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

The well of true wit is truth itself. (Quote by - George Meredith)

Belief in form, but disbelief in content - that's what makes an aphorism charming. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

I love Tom Cruise. When Penelope Cruz is through with him, I'm next. (Quote by - Christina Aguilera)

Wit is the sudden marriage of ideas which, before their union, were not perceived to have any relation. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war. (Quote by - Tony Blair)

All by my own-alone self. (Quote by - Joel Chandler Harris)

The banalities of a great man pass for wit. (Quote by - Alexander Chase)

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