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Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask why me? Then a voice answers nothing personal, your name just happened to come up. (Quote by - Charles M. Schulz)

If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice, or representation. (Quote by - Abigail Adams)

Without Arthur's voice, I never would have enjoyed that success. (Quote by - Paul Simon)

A Locanian having plucked all the feathers off from a nightingale and seeing what a little body it had, "surely," quoth he, "thou art all voice and nothing else. (Quote by - Plutarch)

The human voice is the organ of the soul. (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

To be positive is to be mistaken at the top of one's voice. (Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

I thought I was clever enough to write as well as these people and I didn't realize that there is something called originality and your own voice. (Quote by - Amy Tan)

Men who are not given any voice in this because of the secret nature of the courts, what they're left with is dressing up ridiculously, but at least using humour to try and draw attention to their kids. (Quote by - Bob Geldof)

I have never had a vote, and I have raised hell all over this country. You don't need a vote to raise hell! You need convictions and a voice! (Quote by - Mother Jones)

Experience, already reduced to a group of impressions, is ringed round for each one of us by that thick wall of personality through which no real voice has ever pierced on its way to us, or from us to that which we can only conjecture to be without. (Quote by - Walter Pater)

Some of the best actors in the world are very exterior actors, Anthony Hopkins being one of them. He knows exactly how to turn his face to get a certain expression. He knows exactly what to do with eyes, and with his voice. It's very exterior. (Quote by - Boris Kodjoe)

The Voice has always been an alternative paper. They have always understood that that was part of their role. (Quote by - Sydney Schanberg)

The voice of the people is the voice of humbug. (Quote by - William Tecumseh Sherman)

The voice is nothing but beaten air. (Quote by - Seneca)

So I got home, and the phone was ringing. I picked it up, and said 'Who's speaking please?' And a voice said 'You are.' (Quote by - Tim Vine)

That undefined and mingled hum, Voice of the desert never dumb! (Quote by - James Hogg)

Everything that is right or natural pleasds for separation. The blood of the slain, the weeping voice of nature cries, 'tis time to part. (Quote by - Thomas Paine)

You get a heck of a sound from the church. Can't you hear it in my voice? (Quote by - Muddy Waters)

The Black Mountain poet I like most is the early Creeley. Those early poems seem very lyrical and very traditional, with a lot of voice and character. (Quote by - Robert Morgan)

Along with a strong belief in your own inner voice, you also need laser-like focus combined with unwavering determination. (Quote by - Larry Flynt)

Your voice is your tool and represents you. It's very important to have a good voice where you can be understood. (Quote by - Jacqueline Bisset)

Her voice changed like a bird's: There grew more of the music, and less of the words. (Quote by - Robert Browning)

His voice leads us not into timid discipleship but into bold witness. (Quote by - Charles Stanley)

You learn to rely on a few basic movements and use your voice to the greatest extent possible to convey your emotions. So there was a technical challenge there and a responsibility to create a character from behind the mask. (Quote by - Helena Bonham Carter)

I had positive experiences in many settings and from many people, and Go s voice reached me through them. (Quote by - Karol Wojtyla)

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