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Visualization Quotes
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What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. (Quote by - Napolean Hill)

Every woman dreams of her own political career and her own place in life. (Quote by - Raisa M. Gorbachev)

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. (Quote by - Buddha)

You think in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but your looking glass. (Quote by - James Allen)

Imagination is the highest kite that can fly. (Quote by - Lauren Bacall)

Make-believe colors the past with innocent distortion, and it swirls ahead of us in a thousand ways-in science, in politics, in every bold intention. It is part of our collective lives, entwining our past and our future ... a particularly rewarding aspect of life itself. (Quote by - Shirley Temple Black)

You know, my children, that humanity advances only by forming itself an ideal and endeavoring to realize it. Every passion has its ideal, which is modified by that of the whole. (Quote by - Jenny R d'Hericourt)

I visualize things in my mind before I have to do them. It's like having a mental workshop. (Quote by - Jack Youngblood)

The law of natural correspondence simply means as within, so without. For everything that is created, there must be a picture, a mental equivalent for it to exist in the world of our experience. (Quote by - Mary Manin Morrissey)

To do things in a way you want to do them, you will have to acquire the ability to think the way you want to think: this is the first step toward getting rich. (Quote by - Wallace D. Wattles)

I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas: they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind. (Quote by - Emily Bronte)

All prosperity begins in the mind and is dependent only upon the full use of our creative imagination. (Quote by - Ruth Ross)

A couple of times a day I sit quietly and visualize my body fighting the AIDS virus. It's the same as me sitting and seeing myself hit the perfect serve. I did that often when I was an athlete. (Quote by - Arthur Ashe)

Nothing happens unless first a dream. (Quote by - Carl Sandburg)

With our progress we have destroyed our only weapon against tedium: that rare weakness we call imagination. (Quote by - Oriana Fallaci)

Faith is believing in things that common sense tells you not to. (Quote by - George Seaton)

The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof. (Quote by - Barbara Kingsolver)

You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can set out for them. Hold them in your mind until they become second nature. (Quote by - Les Brown)

What man can imagine he may one day achieve. (Quote by - Nancy Hale)

It's our dreams that keep us going, that separate us from the beasts. I wouldn't even want to live if I thought it was all just eating and sleeping and taking off my clothes. (Quote by - Mary Chase)

You can vitally influence your life from within by auto-suggestion. The first thing each morning, and the last thing each night, suggest to yourself specific ideas that you wish to embody in your character and personality. Address such suggestions to yourself, silently or aloud, until they are deeply impressed upon your mind. (Quote by - Grenville Kleiser)

Fantasies are more than substitutes for unpleasant reality; they are also dress rehearsals, plans. All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination. (Quote by - Barbara Grizzuti Harrison)

See yourself confronting your fears in your mind's eye and handling those fears like a champ. (Quote by - Les Brown)

See things as you would have them be instead of as they are. (Quote by - Robert Collier)

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. (Quote by - Thomas Edision)

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