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We are following in the grand tradition of Berkeley engineering, as with Berkeley 's BSD UNIX operating system, in making our innovations freely available and unencumbered for research and possible commercialization in source code form. (Quote by - Randy Katz)

Cisco's and Nortel's systems use Windows, which has so many umbrellas on top to make it look simple. But it's complicated underneath, and it's vulnerable to viruses. Unix is a more perfected and hardened OS than Windows. (Quote by - Bob Inpyn)

The whole idea of shared development has been ubiquitous in Unix for years. The Internet has magnified that and open source is bringing collaborative development to a new level. (Quote by - Doug Michaels)

If you are running Linux as the primary OS and are using the Internet, you are still open to security-based holes that Unix systems have. (Quote by - Mike Romo)

If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a UNIX user to show you how it's done. (Quote by - Scott Adams)

Our technology, at this point, is way better in terms of how few defects we have. Compare, say, with Linux how many defects we have, how quickly we fix those defects, how our system is for getting the updates out for those defects. Take those objective criteria and we are better. (Quote by - Bill Gates)

The fact that the UNIX business is showing a little bit of life here is encouraging. They've still got a little ways to go, but they actually did a little better than I would have thought. (Quote by - Steve Milunovich)

It was this version of Unix that Ritchie and Thompson presented to about 200 people at the Symposium on Operating System Principles in 1973. This was one of the first 'wow' papers, ... Almost immediately, people started calling up asking if they could get copies of this new operating system. (Quote by - Peter Salus)

I'm an old Unix guy; I had enough trouble putting my data on a SAN , but then you ask me to put a Windows box in the middle ... It was a horse pill to swallow. If it went down, I'd be looking for another job. (Quote by - John Parrish)

With more branded NT workstations shipping than Unix workstations in 1998, NT is driving the growth in the workstation market. NT workstations have surpassed the start-up phase and have become mainstream in the workstation market, (Quote by - Tom Copeland)

An agent has to combine investigative skills and technical skills. It's hard to find people in society who can administer UNIX and professionally carry a weapon. And they pay way below market value. (Quote by - Jim Williams)

Providing a Windows solution, especially to a developer audience, is a must-have. There are more and more applications that are specifically written to the Windows platform and I think we are seeing an increasing trend where developers will actually have environments that run on both Windows and Unix. (Quote by - John Enright)

A big reason that UNIX administration is challenging is that every UNIX vendor believes standards are for weak-minded fools. (Quote by - Ray)

Most hackers graduate from Unix and Linux platforms. They know them intimately. They don't try to exploit them, (Quote by - Dean Stockwell)

I believe we will see at least one speed bump for POWER chips and probably a bump for SPARC during the course of 2006. In many ways, these chips are harnessed in the Unix systems that are the workhorses of the enterprise infrastructure, where they are running massively large workloads with exacting availability requirements. (Quote by - Dan Olds)

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