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I think the law as it is today probably does prohibit an off-reservation casino, but there is uniqueness to Turtle Mountain and there is uniqueness to the state, and these things need to be looked at. (Quote by - Bill Johnson)

This is the most unique year I've ever been through, (Quote by - Pat Hill)

There's no common theme or thread, nothing unique to Southern California. (Quote by - Donn Walker)

The events of the Holocaust viewed through the eyes of Anne Frank are a unique and damming testament to the dreadful atrocities of that period of our history, (Quote by - Charles Kennedy)

Their whole thing was that every state was going to be as unique as possible. I'm from Seattle and for Washington they did ultimate frisbee, (Quote by - Kenny Mayne)

I am not a super person. I do not think I'm that unique. All I did was show up, think what would be possible and did not say no. (Quote by - Virginia Boden)

Time the most precious gift one can give. Each moment is unique because it will never happen agai the gift of your time spent with others is the ultimate display of unconditional love. (Quote by - Robert W. Merriweather)

Land Rover is able to offer a unique combination of qualities and capabilities in an unparalleled range of vehicles that clearly deliver what customers want. (Quote by - Wallis Dumper)

With fMRI, there were, consistently, unique areas of the brain -- and more of them -- that were activated during the deceptive process than during truth telling. (Quote by - Feroze B. Mohamed)

It's unique in that it is around a stream and trees. (Quote by - Charles Braun)

It was kind of unique and great to have two films coming out within a week. It certainly was a different experience for me, (Quote by - Elijah Wood)

Insist on yourself; Never imitate... Every Great man is unique. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I'm as excited as a kid with a new toy to be able to create a unique, exciting, urban superhero for a magazine that I respect as much as VIBE. (Quote by - Stan Lee)

To see this damage and to hear such a unique and great possession like this had been destroyed was just crushing. Today's been full of a lot of memories, just about all the wonderful flights that I had taken in the aircraft and my history with it. (Quote by - Bob King)

This is not unique, by any means. We don't believe that it's inappropriate, either, and at the end of the day he seems to be selectively choosing Judge Baldwin as a target for who knows what. (Quote by - Kate Philips)

But if you put it all together as one, it's really a unique product. (Quote by - John Koller)

While each one of these descriptors individually isn't terribly unique, the combination of all these descriptors paints a fairly clear picture. (Quote by - Aaron Dunbar)

We really wanted a local flavor, a unique flavor. We wanted to make it different than going out to the Monmouth Mall or the Bridgewater Mall. (Quote by - David Barry)

The president's personal staff has a unique role, (Quote by - Colin Powell)

Unique, ... That wasn't that terrible of a team, I guess. (Quote by - Bobby Valentine)

He's naturally very gifted. Scotty's always been very unique in that way, (Quote by - Pat Rafter)

The uniqueness is to have someone talented enough in those areas to be able to pull off all three. (Quote by - Betty Bennett)

Liza is unique and nobody does what she does. (Quote by - Neil Meron)

The unique thing about tetracycline marking is that it does last through the bear's lifetime, so the bear's permanently marked. It's not like a deer tag or something else that falls out. (Quote by - Steve Denney)

XM is unique because we have hundreds of programmers delivering millions of songs plus live news, live sports and talk directly to subscribers. (Quote by - Chance Patterson)

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