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It's unique because of that. It's a peculiar sound. (Quote by - Troy Fisher)

I try really hard to make things unique and different. (Quote by - Kelli Mainous)

We are hear to celebrate, and I mean celebrate, the unique and wonderful life of Rosamond McPherson Young. (Quote by - W. Hull)

It was very exciting. The fact that it was a handwritten manuscript makes it unique. Everything else that we have recovered had already been printed. This is a first. (Quote by - Nellie McKay)

It's good family entertainment. They are unique in their own right because of what they sing and how they sing. (Quote by - Charlie Samples)

We're building a unique global platform...In the last 18 months we found that sellers and partners are interested in complementing their online and offline businesses with Amazon's platform, (Quote by - Jeff Bezos)

It's an unusual situation, bordering on unique, given that Katie is one of the few bona fide superstars in the history of television news. It's not a routine talent change. (Quote by - Andrew Heyward)

We believe Nextel is uniquely positioned to win this spectrum in an auction process, perhaps at a lower price than the $8.3 billion hostile tender offer disclosed yesterday. (Quote by - Walter Piecyk)

She's really been able to utilize the camera and add textures to film that are unique. (Quote by - Carlos Perez)

Every year is a little different, and this one was certainly unique. (Quote by - Greg Marsden)

Coal has the unique ability to provide abundant energy cheaply. (Quote by - Chuck Kerr)

So far, as far as we know Wild 2 is a unique object. (Quote by - Donald Brownlee)

There are so many people in the industry so we need to be unique. We've got to offer very prompt service. (Quote by - Dan Casey)

We don't expect to find anything. It's curiosity more than anything. We thought, 'Why not?' It's such a unique peace of flesh that we want to glean as much information as possible from it. (Quote by - Dana Wetzel)

Each championship is unique. None is more or less important than the other. (Quote by - Bill Mandigo)

only one case, and whether that condition was something unique we don't know. (Quote by - Yoshihiro Kawaoka)

There was something totally unique and I am not sure I've ever felt it since, (Quote by - Live Aid)

We had a man as dashing as Sheridan, as unique and picturesque as the slow-moving, taciturn Grant, as charming as Jackson, as witty as old Billy Sherman, as brave as Paul Jones. (Quote by - William Allen White)

He's a weapon that's really unique. A big, physical guy that can run the ball and also get out in space and hurt you one on one. Peyton has given us fits all spring. (Quote by - Reggie Herring)

The hinge is distinctly different, so when you look at it carefully, you recognize that it is its own unique design. (Quote by - Irwin Jacobs)

I think it is fairly unique as an element of an overall mitigation strategy. (Quote by - David Morgan)

I think it's a unique vehicle. Fun to drive. Different. That's the trend. People want them. (Quote by - Dale Ozment)

These sorts of results show how spectacular and unique Hubble is. (Quote by - Garth Illingworth)

It is fairly unique with the number of jobs paired with a building of that magnitude. (Quote by - David Meeks)

He is extremely unique and it's really cool to have him on the team. He comes from Texas and definitely lets us know that, especially after they beat my team, USC. (Quote by - Travis Niesen)

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