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Peer is unique in that it sought a license to permit for payments to be made. (Quote by - Marisa Berardi)

reaffirmed the role of technology to the world and preserved the unique role of the U.S. (Quote by - David Gross)

It's very unique. When you have someone who's lucky to get a minute in a game come up and tell you how you can be better when he's two years older than you, it's such a selfless act. Everyone is willing to tell you how to get better. (Quote by - Chris Page)

There is no recipe to be a great teacher, that's what is unique about them. (Quote by - Robert Sternberg)

The Community Service Project Fund is unique because it is the first gift to establish a grant that any student or student group may apply for. (Quote by - Carrie Warick)

The recent evidence increasingly suggests that an economic expansion is already well under way, although an array of influences unique to this business cycle seems likely to moderate its speed, (Quote by - Alan Greenspan)

In the enterprise, the trend is towards smaller, more powerful standardized systems where Dell is uniquely positioned. (Quote by - Kevin Rollins)

What we're allowing is access anywhere, anytime, that can be unique to the user and flexible enough to meet different people's characteristics. And this is a whole new level of sharing. (Quote by - Mike Williams)

We have a unique chapel with good acoustics. When you get a choir in here, it's like the sound is coming out of heaven. (Quote by - Clarke Maughan)

This is a unique program that rewards farmers and ranchers who are model conservationists and provides incentives for other producers to meet those same high standards of environmental performance. (Quote by - Dave White)

To me, first of all, it's unique. It's totally unique to any area to have a live sign, and it is part of our history. History helps communities have a sense of togetherness, it's the glue. (Quote by - Michele Clark)

I believe that Seattle voters will understand that my unique experience in education and city government would be a nice complement to the existing board, (Quote by - Cheryl Chow)

In principle, every substance has a unique spectral signal. (Quote by - Art Sedlacek)

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