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The big difference in this organization now is Lamy. Lamy is uniquely suited to the task at hand. (Quote by - Mark Vaile)

It's real hard to come up with something unique. We've seen just about everything over the last 10 years. (Quote by - Ricky Davis)

This is a little bit unique with what the town wants to do here with the groins. In an ideal world, what we envision, this could be one element in the overall beach management plan. (Quote by - Erik Olsen)

It was a completely unique situation. We talked about that she's got to find out what your niche is and what your strengths are. You've got to sell that. (Quote by - Jamie Dixon)

It has some very aggressive lines, very unique-looking tail lamps. I really think its best angle is from the rear quarter view. (Quote by - James Bell)

We're not just a unique retailer, but a unique employer. (Quote by - Joseph Roth)

The guiding philosophy is to be unique, entertaining and appropriate, to cast entertainment that serves as wide a group as possible. We try to convince them to perform in a way that will make them look great and appreciate the fact the audience is so large. (Quote by - Charles Coplin)

Our goal in 2006 is to continue to expand the Hard Rock brand with unique, new properties ? including urban hotel and destination resorts. (Quote by - Trevor Horwell)

There are many ways to the life we live, none so right, or so profound, as the one that is uniquely ours. We need to get to the place that is Separate from what you've ever done Separate from what you'll ever do The place you know is RIGHT FOR YOU (Quote by - Elizabeth Alraune)

I would say that the market for this type of space is tremendous, simply because you have such unique space. You have an office facility that surrounds the fabrication space. It would be extraordinarily valuable to a whole host of companies. (Quote by - Charlie Houder)

Every mountain has its unique characteristics. Until you know what you're looking for you can't begin to choose. (Quote by - Bruce Rosard)

What attracted me originally was the uniqueness of the asset in the area we were actually looking for. It was such an amazing attraction to us. You just can't replicate it. (Quote by - Jeff Henry)

They're all quite different and unique and they all have slightly different demographics. (Quote by - Damon Whiteside)

At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

With the World Cup coming to the continent of Africa for the first time, 2010 presents a unique opportunity to eradicate the shocking legacy of shack housing, (Quote by - Chris Eubank)

It's a unique scheme in that they don't try to power you. Instead they try to beat you with quickness. They're all quick. (Quote by - Chris Long)

There is no one formula. Every formula is unique. It really depends on your individual skin as to what we put in. ... Unlike mass products that try to put in a single active ingredient and then try to sell it to everyone, we don't do that at Lab 21. (Quote by - Charles Ryan)

This group definitely has something that's unique, you're not gonna find something like this anywhere else. (Quote by - Robert Burns)

He's so unique. He's an 'X' factor. You can't tell what he's going to do. (Quote by - Pete Carroll)

That's home. You have to live in New Orleans to understand. It's a city of our own, unique and different, not anything like anywhere else. (Quote by - Charlette Ford)

What's wonderful about this field is it's a unique place where we can actually fly this type of aircraft. (Quote by - Seth Arlow)

Any time someone new comes to a school board, they bring with them a unique viewpoint; and that often causes discussions that have not happened before. (Quote by - Charles Mason)

It is the coolest room. It is so unique and different. (Quote by - Danella Soeka)

What is unique about it [the helmet] is that we have placed these six single access accelerometers that are about the size of a nickel. (Quote by - Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz)

It's a different and unique marketplace, and I don't know if we're focused on new products as much as expanding the existing product. We will continue to drive that business to customer solutions all the way through. (Quote by - Vaughn Moore)

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