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The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. (Quote by - Walt Disney)

The classic Oreo was unique in the sense that there's only one Oreo. You can't mess with it. It's not just a matter of creating a product as good. It has to taste identical . (Quote by - Stephen Joseph)

I really enjoy doing them. It's creative and every gift is unique. (Quote by - Heather Sinclair)

The exact sequence of what's happening here is unique. (Quote by - Dr Ganesh Suntharalingam)

There's two principal myths about shamrock: that it's unique to Ireland, and that it never flowers. (Quote by - Charles Nelson)

All of the sudden, the president now has two openings. That's not unique, but it's rare, (Quote by - Allan Wolf)

We do have an advantage in that we have a very unique skill set. They could not easily come in and replace us, so it gives us more leverage than a lot of workers. (Quote by - Connie Kelliher)

That's the uniqueness of this story. We're in the southeastern part of the U.S., but we might as well be in a Third World country. (Quote by - John Stack)

It's a really unique situation where you have someone who is at a crossroads personally and professionally, (Quote by - Elliott Wilson)

You never know when you put out an album that's unique whether it'll get beat up for it or not. (Quote by - Ben Folds)

We currently have over 500,000 unique monthly users across our sites and the number just keeps growing. (Quote by - Mark Batty)

Students walk out of here with a unique tool: a complete portfolio, a functional r sum , and a cover letter. (Quote by - Craig Colbenson)

It was a unique game. It ranks up there. It was crazy. (Quote by - Jerome Bettis)

It's a unique camp with unique experiences. We do a lot of little things you see with a top division club, whether it's the decorations in the locker room or each kid getting their own uniform. (Quote by - Bill Peterson)

It's a very unique situation. So we are kind of, in some ways, making it up as we go. We are trying things, and if they don't work, we change them and try to find something that will work better. (Quote by - Janet Price)

Long-term, I see downtown Bradenton becoming a very unique city because they want it to be. I see a tremendous change along the riverfront. (Quote by - Jan Smith)

Given this area's vulnerability, unique geographic location and elevation, and troubled escape routes, a plan that facilitates a rapid and effective hurricane response and recovery is critical. (Quote by - Wayne Thomas)

Word of mouth is very important for a unique show like Avenue Q , and that's something that we can achieve in Las Vegas much easier than we would going into the roadhouses. (Quote by - Kevin McCollum)

Harrison Ford - one of my favorite actors - has a wonderful sense of character and depth and uniqueness to him, yet he's able to just deliver the lines without putting any English on it. (Quote by - Thomas Jane)

The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplacable being. (Quote by - Tom Robbins)

There is nothing unique or unusual in what we are doing. (Quote by - Aldin Arnautovic)

The deal potentially makes them a top 10 online site based on monthly unique users. (Quote by - Matt Finick)

Each one in this world is unique......so unique as their mess and dirt (Quote by - prabha)

I know it's something of a unique conversion, but it makes sense. (Quote by - Doug Russell)

Let the guy do his thing. It's a unique event that should be encouraged even if you don't buy into the whole program. The guy's been doing it for 30 years around the world, and every place has survived. (Quote by - John Savage)

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