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To see one in Tennessee of course if very unique. (Quote by - David England)

I am the first in my class to receive this distinction. I have a unique area of expertise and it is great to have it honored. (Quote by - Wendy M. Nehring)

We simply explain that unique freezing processes probably happened in that region only a handful of times during the last 12,000 years. We leave to others the question of whether or not our research explains the biblical account. (Quote by - Doron Nof)

He was called 'Monster' even then, because he was always that size. He was very unique for a guy that size. He could handle the ball, post up, shoot the three. He was just a real good player. He always was. (Quote by - Chris Webber)

Pete and Simon have an unique relationship! (Quote by - Declan Donnelly)

I think that is truly amazing. It shows how unique the ACC has been this season and what a tremendous conference it has been from top to bottom. I expected the depth, but I'm not sure we expected three teams in the top four. (Quote by - Brenda Frese)

It's really a unique house and a unique price. As far as I know, it's a first for Jerusalem. (Quote by - Corrinne Davar)

Acid thrown in someone's face is pretty unique. You gotta be pretty twisted. It was pretty nasty. (Quote by - Darren Marino)

I miss him already. He was a unique person and a dear friend. If a record came on the radio, you'd know it was Waylon Jennings. (Quote by - Glen Campbell)

Hang in there. If you believe what you're doing is unique. Otherwise give up or sound like Nirvana or Pearl Jam. (Quote by - Joey Ramone)

Every trip is unique; every trip has a story. (Quote by - Ron Vanover)

It is unique, one-of-a-kind, and it should never be lost. (Quote by - Steve Rodrigues)

Petaluma's unique problem is that it is geographically isolated, and has only one hospital (Petaluma Valley Hospital). By comparison, Santa Rosa has a hospital every couple of miles. (Quote by - Jerry Martin)

This is clearly a unique shark species--the warmest of all gill-breathers in the ocean, (Quote by - Barbara Block)

It's customized and unique. We're filling a niche that wasn't being filled. (Quote by - Julie Laird)

Miles' sessions were not typical of anybody else's sessions. They were totally unique. (Quote by - Herbie Hancock)

To have two guys back there, having those kind of talents is unique. And the little kid, he has a chance to be pretty special. (Quote by - Larry Brown)

It's a very unique building, there's no question about that. It's one of a kind. (Quote by - Ann Collins)

I have never yet painted a location that something unique didn't happen. This is Spain. (Quote by - Joan Marron Larue)

This is so unique to this case, ... that you're dealing with a tax transaction that's unclear if it is legal or not. (Quote by - Robert Fink)

Probably because it's unique. People want to belong somewhere. It's a country club lifestyle without the golf course in the back. (Quote by - Chuck Kolner)

I don't know of any other station doing it this way. It is definitely unique. Those programs are the things that give this station character. (Quote by - Rick Davis)

It is kind of unique. It's been a weird story this season, it's been a bit of a roller coaster. But it is a possibility, it's part of the profession and it happens all the time. (Quote by - Cory Cross)

It is your people who make the ultimate difference. You put the investment into training the people and then, when you get invited to the party with the big boys, that is a unique selling point. (Quote by - Phil Dixon)

We lost a lot of beautiful buildings to urban renewal, ... The uniqueness of these buildings is the character and charm of the community. They'll never build factories like that again. (Quote by - John Barrett)

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