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Consumers are seeking out anything unique, new and engaging. (Quote by - Gillian Smith)

This should be a highlight of the festival. I think it's a unique event in our area. (Quote by - Jeff Landy)

It's a unique art form. There aren't a lot of chances to sit down and really listen. Usually most people just hear us at parades or bars and that's just a sampling of what we offer. (Quote by - Christina Jobe)

Our concern is that the restriction doesn't consider the uniqueness of the situation in San Miguel. (Quote by - Cliff Smith)

We fill a unique niche. But we aren't a gourmet shop where you go to buy grasshopper legs either. (Quote by - Eric Blaesing)

Both sides immediately realized the catastrophe presented a unique opportunity to end the war. (Quote by - Damien Kingsbury)

It sounds like a mood lipstick, It doesn't sound particularly unique. (Quote by - Paula Begoun)

Every track has its unique challenges, but Circuito Estoril is one of the most difficult tracks because it is physically grueling, both for your tires and yourself as a driver, (Quote by - Scott Speed)

It wasn't a numbers game at all. It was a desire to have a leadership team that was uniquely selected to serve the Greenville market. (Quote by - Craig Brown)

The identity ought to be tied to the community. It ought to be unique. We took that and used that for guidance. (Quote by - Carm Basile)

We need to continually look within ourselves. Contemplate our inner being and find our own unique voice and then learn to heed it and we will then have the life experience we deserve. (Quote by - Dirk Benedict)

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. (Quote by - Douglas Adams)

This is a unique situation, and that's why we're asking for a unique response, (Quote by - Kathleen Blanco)

It's unique. You go through Tulsa and you don't see this kind of typography anyplace else. (Quote by - David Parrish)

The outfit soon took on color, dash and a unique flavor which is the essence of that elusive and deathless thing called soldiering. (Quote by - Douglas MacArthur)

And we've got the lakefront, which is unique. We just have to figure out how to be able to use it. (Quote by - Don Coffin)

It's wonderful and unique stuff, and it's a clever way to do it. Being online and digital gives them the ability not to have to invest a whole lot of capital to distribute it. (Quote by - Mike McGuire)

His nursery, being unique, has all the plants we like to use. We want to use all natives and all non-toxics. (Quote by - Carolyn Patton)

The Fund is uniquely placed to provide this function. (Quote by - Rodrigo Rato)

We have set down some very unique requirements. We even know what uniforms were issued to these different units, and we've required our people to spend additional money for the right uniforms, flags, everything. That was a monumental task in itself. (Quote by - Mike Moore)

RIM has a very unique position in that they had a head start [on other wireless services]. IT departments are not always comfortable with wireless and didn't really follow up with alternatives. (Quote by - Bill Hughes)

The question remains, can they buy their way into a crowded market? Are their capabilities and price unique enough to garner significant market share growth? And how will they execute on their roadmap? (Quote by - Greg Schulz)

to take a deep breath, to re-examine who they are, to reconsider God's calling -- unique calling -- to a congregation to serve in a community. (Quote by - Robert Patterson)

No one can replace a unique person like Peter. (Quote by - Alan Alda)

Exclusivity and uniqueness are most critical to wealthy consumers. Having too many stores can take away from exclusivity. (Quote by - Milton Pedraza)

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