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It's so unique. Wilson Park is just such a gem. It's in a convenient location. (Quote by - David Wright)

We're unique to this area, that's how we survive. (Quote by - Fred Shafer)

You are a unique person, just like everybody else!! (Quote by - Warren Miller)

The Middle East is a unique area of the globe, and there are some fascinating things going on. (Quote by - Steven Bregman)

It's great to be a part of this. It's such a unique opportunity to be on the same team with players who I have so much admiration for. (Quote by - Carlos Beltran)

The area has rare and unique habitats with rare and unique animal populations. (Quote by - Eric Morgan)

This is a unique project because of the sensitive area. (Quote by - Teri Banka)

We may each be as unique as our fingerprint, yet that also means we are not that different to each other. (Quote by - Rodney Lovell)

MMFSL has built a unique segment of the market. (Quote by - Uday Kotak)

New Orleans has always been cherished for its unique French Quarter, its fabulous cuisine, and music to suit all tastes. (Quote by - Dan Sullivan)

The 20-G Centrifuge is our largest facility certified for use by humans. Its capabilities make it a unique NASA resource and a very versatile research tool that is ideal for developing health-maintenance activities for astronauts. (Quote by - Jeff Smith)

This is unique to Florida, and we expect it to be copied in other states. (Quote by - Chuck Wolfe)

Mining is unique in the sense that the one thing you know about the mine, is that the day you open it, one day you're going to have to close it, (Quote by - Con Fauconnier)

It's the combination of songs and styles the band uses that makes them so unique. They have diversity and a witty flare about them that audiences relate to. (Quote by - Dana Roberts)

This was strictly a business decision. With so many outlets covering it, we weren't giving the viewers anything unique. (Quote by - Chris Ender)

We have always seen this deal to be a unique deal for India alone. (Quote by - Nick Burns)

I think it's our unique product selection and the idea that everything we sell only can be purchased at Ikea. (Quote by - Joseph Roth)

The Honda Element is unique, and so we were looking for an ad that would be unique and appeal to younger customers. (Quote by - Chris Naughton)

There is some concern that the existence of multiple secret-but-unclassified designations - each governed by its own unique set of procedures - adds a layer of complexity to efforts to share information. (Quote by - Carl Kropf)

We're always looking for new festivals to participate in, and this is a good one and it's unique. (Quote by - Melissa Rich)

He's kind of unique. I expect big things out of him. (Quote by - Bud Ogden)

The Valley's a unique place; we're able to grow crops year-round. (Quote by - Brian Jones)

I have that fresh start feeling that comes around every September, ... That's one of the unique things about educationevery new school year is like spring. (Quote by - Tom Hall)

We all know we are unique individuals, but we tend to see others as representatives of groups. (Quote by - Deborah Tannen)

This is not unique to Volusia, ... It appears in a number of counties across the state. (Quote by - Margaret Smith)

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