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We've offered three sites because we are in a unique position to do so. (Quote by - Steve Collins)

I always look forward to Revolution as the racing and atmosphere with the crowds is unique. The 500m TT in front of the home crowd always gets that bit more out of you so it will be very special. (Quote by - Chris Hoy)

We were looking for a unique cultural experience for the kids, a soccer culture, someplace where soccer is it, and soccer is definitely it in Italy. (Quote by - Wayne Quinlan)

I think it's a great event; it's a very worthy cause. I think it's a unique event for Ames and for Special Olympics Iowa. I think they're pretty innovative doing an event like this. (Quote by - Blair Brewer)

The Pinelands Commission is thankful that the court recognized and acknowledged the clear threat to the unique resources of the Pinelands area attributable to the proposed facility. (Quote by - John Stokes)

You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake, you are the same organic decaying matter as everything else (Quote by - Tyler Durden)

We have tombs with unique architectural style and very important scenes of daily life. We've also opened a lot of kings' pyramids, but today we are opening those of queens. Queens have mystery. (Quote by - Zahi Hawas)

We are watching here a unique golfer on a unique golf course. (Quote by - Colin Montgomerie)

The uniqueness here is that it is a medium-priced phone. (Quote by - Ton Van Kampen)

The more we understand our customers' challenges and goals, the more effectively we can respond to each customer's unique needs. (Quote by - CEO Leonard Buzz)

Format is really not so important of the records we have here. It's the uniqueness. (Quote by - Tim West)

Seniors have their own unique and varied set of needs when it comes to vehicles. (Quote by - Warren Clarke)

What is really unique about her is that she is from here. I think that is going to give her a sense of concern for the place and the people that maybe we haven't seen before. (Quote by - Ellen Perry)

It's a very unique opportunity to learn about Bibles in China and a lot of the history ... and what the churches are facing now in China. There's never been anything like it. (Quote by - William Jefferson)

What's unique about these cars is being street legal, they are a lot heavier than the normal type of race car. It takes a lot more horsepower to get these going. (Quote by - Chris Baxter)

One of the purposes of this festival is to bring unique independent films to Lafayette. We also want to bring filmmakers to Louisiana. We want Lafayette to be on filmmakers' list when they come to Louisiana. (Quote by - Jana Godshall)

We want to be able to give them the tools they need to turn around and build unique and creative things. (Quote by - Justin Osmer)

He's obviously a very good student. He's very unique. He always goes his own way. He's an independent student and very creative. He's also very well-liked, a very friendly, very open person. (Quote by - Mike Kelley)

This will be a unique draw that the state doesn't have. The rest of the state has gaming and different types of history and culture, but again bringing this in, new meeting space, new hotel, this is a new look for other tourists. (Quote by - Craig Ray)

While each region and each airline has its own set of challenges, none are unique and none are insurmountable. (Quote by - Tom Murphy)

Even if they settle on baseball or softball as they get into high school, those other sports have unique elements that allow athletes to develop on a broader scale. Strength from football or agility from basketball are valuable as well. (Quote by - Christopher Downs)

With Kalona being only 18 miles from Iowa City and the uniqueness of the community, I can see tremendous potential here. (Quote by - Peter Boylan)

Al has brought an element to our postseason broadcast that's unique. (Quote by - Ed Goren)

That is a unique thing to have in the furniture industry. It's all about instant gratification. (Quote by - Dave DeMattei)

In general he's a little unique. But he's capable of doing a lot of different things in a lot of different ways. (Quote by - Lon Kruger)

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