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Timothy was a unique individual and handled things the way he wanted to. (Quote by - Jewel Palovak)

To me, there are a couple of unique things we bring to the table. If you think about process, it's a dirty word for developers. But the development team manager says, 'We need to have a process'. (Quote by - Soma Somasegar)

This is a unique part of our schedule where we have Trigg sandwiched between St. X and Warren Central. But we've got nine starters back from a defense that gave up just over seven points a game last year, so I feel comfortable. (Quote by - Kevin Wallace)

This is a new model that presents unique opportunities for the bowls hosting them. The feedback from our current bowl partners has been very positive towards it. (Quote by - Kevin Weiberg)

A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable. (Quote by - Eileen Caddy)

I've developed my own vernacular because what I do is unique, (Quote by - Joe Weinstein)

He's unique to the game based on his size and the way he plays. I don't know what it's like to face it. It's an odd trajectory that the ball is coming down from. It's not even so much the pace, it's the trajectory as well. (Quote by - Andre Agassi)

This is a unique program and a national model for being a very innovative program. (Quote by - Michael Palmer)

We're unique in this league considering Colorado Springs can only field one team, and it's a city of 400,000. For a town of 6,000 to have two teams in the final [weekend] is something. This is special for this town. (Quote by - Wily Manering)

We try to have a unique theme each year. They're the result of us constantly looking for something new to do with the auction. (Quote by - Chris Mallula)

Goliath is very unique in the fact that it covers an area that goes in and outside the park. The scenery is part of the ride. Half the thrill is the visual element. (Quote by - Jim Taylor)

I like to be unique, to do things different than everybody else. (Quote by - Maunya Jacobs)

The problem that we're facing is not unique to Hernando County. All 67 counties in the state are facing this issue of dramatically increased costs and not enough revenue to maintain levels of service. (Quote by - Dennis Dix)

This is a unique situation where the effect of the Globes was really felt because it did get up to first place. What's exciting about that is that it bodes well for what could occur this weekend. We are in a great situation because the film still is in ascent. (Quote by - Jack Foley)

I don't know how he does it. He's the most unique athlete I've ever been around. (Quote by - Jim Larranaga)

I'm just like, 'Exhibition game. Sold out?' ... It's unbelievable. It's a unique thing here in Minnesota. There's no question. (Quote by - Brian Rolston)

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

Going for a timeless look that will be unique to Phoenixville. (Quote by - Cassidy)

There was a wish to get something exceptional, ... I also wanted to deliver something technically unique. (Quote by - Santiago Calatrava)

We have some unique [storage] requirements. Our archive has five to six billion files in it. (Quote by - Chris Rigby)

The conference takes Fed staff and academics out of their ivory tower ... It's the unique mix of those individuals that's the beauty of it. (Quote by - Diane Swonk)

He's a remarkable intellect with a unique expression in his writing that is challenging and philosophical. (Quote by - David Greenbaum)

What is incredibly valuable here is the level of detail. To have this kind of view is truly unique. (Quote by - Wing Goodale)

I think what makes it unique is the emphasis that is given by the program to the idea of the students as scholars. A lot of our curriculum is driven by student interest and by the interactions that students have with the faculty and staff. (Quote by - Amy Peloff)

I was not really familiar with Vinci's game and she has a very unique way of playing so I think it took me the first set to get used to the way she played and figure out how to play against her. (Quote by - Amelie Mauresmo)

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