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Temperance Quotes
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Temper your enjoyments with prudence, lest there be written on your heart that fearful word "satiety (Quote by - Francis Quarles)

O madness to think use of strongest wines And strongest drinks our chief support of health, When God with these forbidden made choice to rear His mighty champion, strong above compare, Whose drink was only from the liquid brook. (Quote by - John Milton)

The brain may devise laws for the blood, but a hot temper leaps o'er a cold decree. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Men live best upon a little; Nature has given to all the privilege of being happy, if they but knew how to use their gifts. (Quote by - Claudian)

Management may temper that outlook slightly given the ongoing difficulty in the PC environment. (Quote by - Christopher Shilakes)

Of my merit On that pint you yourself may jedge: All is, I never drink no sperit, Nor I haint never signed no pledge. (Quote by - James Russell Lowell)

Health is the condition of wisdom, and the sign is cheerfulness, -- an open and noble temper. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

He did have a temper, but I never saw him strike anybody. (Quote by - Sandra Angle)

Temperance: Eat and carouse with Bacchus, or munch dry bread with Jesus, but don't sit down without one of the gods. (Quote by - D.H. Lawrence)

The ingredients of health and long life, are great temperance, open air, easy labor, and little care (Quote by - Sir Philip Sidney)

I discovered that John's temper could be frightening, (Quote by - Cynthia Lennon)

There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself - an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly. (Quote by - Antisthenes)

Mutability of temper and inconsistency with ourselves is the greatest weakness of human nature (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind which binds the passions (Quote by - St. Thomas Aquinas)

I blame him for losing his temper, but I blame her for bringing him into our house. She let that abuse happen. (Quote by - Mandinga Browne)

Every moderate drinker could abandon the intoxicating cup if he would; every inebriate would if he could. (Quote by - J. B. Gough)

Guidance for 2006 and the long-term is likely to temper expectations, while potentially setting a base for upside. (Quote by - Dan Ford)

Well observe The rule of Not too much, by temperance taught In what thou eat'st and drink'st. (Quote by - John Milton)

Temperance is the nurse of chastity. (Quote by - William Wycherley)

Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and ill-tempered wife (Quote by - Bible)

If you go in for argument, take care of your temper. Your logic, if you have any, will take care of itself. (Quote by - Joseph Farrell)

I temper my enthusiasm for the way we played defense because of the fact that they've been on the road forever. (Quote by - Mike Krzyzewski)

And last but not least, Harriet Peabody, who is local temperance (and) is going to stop any alcohol. Apparently there really was a woman like this in the 20s, who was famous for carrying an axe around. (Quote by - Cassandra Hesseltine)

There was no malicious intent. Maybe his temper was a little shorter than normal. I don't think it was that bad. (Quote by - Mickey Arthur)

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk. (Quote by - Joseph Joubert)

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