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Stupidity Quotes
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I find we are growing serious, and then we are in great danger of being dull. (Quote by - William Congreve)

Antidotes are what you take to prevent dotes. (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

There is no adequate defense, except stupidity, against the impact of a new idea. (Quotes by - P W Bridgman)

There are only two races on this planet-the intelligent and the stupid. (Quote by - John Fowles)

It would be easier to pay off the national debt overnight than to neutralise the long-range effects of our national stupidity (Quote by - Frank Zappa)

Stupidity is evil waiting to happen. (Quote by - Clay Bond)

Most fools think they are only ignorant. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

We never really know what stupidity is until we have experimented on ourselves. (Quote by - Paul Gauguin)

The fool of nature stood with stupid eyes And gaping mouth, that testified surprise. (Quote by - John Dryden)

The bookful blockhead, ignorantly read, With loads of learned lumber in his head. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

Hatred is a passion requiring one hundred times the energy of love. Keep it for a cause, not an individual. Keep it for intolerance, injustice, stupidity. For hatred is the strength of the sensitive. Its power and its greatness depend on the selflessness of its use. (Quote by - Olive Moore)

Brilliance is typically the act of an individual, but incredible stupidity can usually be traced to an organisation. (Quote by - Jon Bentley)

Against stupidity the very gods Themselves contend in vain. (Quote by - Friedrich von Schiller)

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. (Quote by - Martin Luther King Jr)

Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything. (Quote by - Frank Dane)

Obstinacy and heat in sticking to one's opinions is the surest proof of stupidity. Is there anything so cocksure, so immovable, so disdainful, so contemplative, so solemn and serious as an ass? (Quote by - Michel de Montaigne)

Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung. (Quote by - Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Courage which goes against military expediency is stupidity, or, if it is insisted upon by a commander, irresponsibility. (Quote by - Field Marshal Erwin Rommel)

The good Lord set definite limits on man's wisdom, but set no limits on his stupidity (Quote by - and that's just not fair. (Quote by - Konrad Adenauer)

It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change. (Quote by - Confucius)

Peter was dull; he was at first Dull;--Oh, so dull--so very dull! Whether he talked, wrote, or rehearsed-- Still with his dulness was he cursed-- Dull--beyond all conception--dull. (Quote by - Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity. (Quote by - Edwin Land)

Golf is an open exhibition of overweening ambition, courage deflated by stupidity, skill soured by a whiff of arrogance. (Quote by - Alistair Cooke)

Why, sir, Sherry is dull, naturally dull; but it must have taken him a great deal of pains to become what we now see him. Such an excess of stupidity, Sir, is not in Nature. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

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