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No man should ever lose sleep over public affairs. (Quote by - Harold McMillan)

It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. (Quote by - Bible)

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

At four in the morning on Sunday, I was sitting in the bathroom with my feet in the water because I had so much pain that I couldn't sleep. I had a really bad blister on my left foot. (Quote by - Dominik Hrbaty)

Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh: For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags. (Quote by - Bible)

How wonderful is death! Death and his brother sleep. (Quote by - Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Now, blessings light on him that first invented sleep! It covers a man all over, thoughts and all, like a cloak; it is meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, heat for the cold, and cold for the hot. It is the current coin that purchases all the pleasures of the world cheap, and the balance that sets the king and the shepherd, the fool and the wise man, even. (Quote by - Miguel de Cervantes)

Not being able to sleep is terrible. You have the misery of having partied all night... without the satisfaction. (Quote by - Lynn Johnston)

An oil massage, a hot bath, a good nigh s sleep, soft smells and music and clothes with soft textures denotesensuality to me. (Quote by - Padma Lakshmi)

The bed is a bundle of paradoxes: we go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

Since the Brother of Death daily haunts us with dying mementoes. (Quote by - Sir Thomas Browne)

Leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night. (Quote by - George Allen)

There are twelve hours in the day, and above fifty in the night. (Quote by - Marie de Rabutin-Chantal)

Oh sleep! It is a gentle thing, Beloved from pole to pole. (Quote by - Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

When I'm alone, I can sleep crossways in bed without an argument. (Quote by - Zsa Zsa Gabor)

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book (Quote by - Irish proverb)

It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it. (Quote by - John Steinbeck)

Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank. (Quote by - Alphonse Allais)

Soft closer of our eyes! Low murmur of tender lullabies! (Quote by - John Keats)

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Thou shalt sleep in thy clouds, careless of the voice of the morning (Quote by - James Macpherson)

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. (Quote by - Leo J Burke)

What does the truth matter? Haven't we mothers all given our sons a taste for lies, lies which from the cradle upwards lull them, reassure them, send them to sleep: lies as soft and warm as a breast! (Quote by - Georges Bernanos)

Bored people, unless they sleep a lot, are cruel. (Quote by - Renata Adler)

Sleep is a death, O make me try, By sleeping, what it is to die: And as gently lay my head On my grave, as now my bed. (Quote by - Sir Thomas Browne)

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