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Sensibility Quotes
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People want other people to know that they share our sensibility even if they're not exactly sure what that sensibility is. (Quote by - Rob Corddry)

You hope and pray that you'll get involved with a director that you understand and who has the same sensibility as you do and knows how to push you and bring out the best in you. (Quote by - Matthew Modine)

I was always a visual person. I could see things visually. I had a harder time with numbers and logic, and I always had more of an artistic sensibility. So that I could do. And it was something that I really loved. (Quote by - Bruce Davison)

THE parental, and filial affections seem to be as ardent, their sensibility and attachment, as active and faithful, as those observed to be in human nature. (Quote by - William Bartram)

What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second, their imagination, and third, their industry. (Quote by - Salman Rushdie)

I have a deep rooted folk sensibility that I can't get away from completely. (Quote by - Joanna Newsom)

Errors of taste are very often the outward sign of a deep fault of sensibility. (Quote by - Jonathan Miller)

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