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History fades into fable; fact becomes clouded with doubt and controversy; the inscription moulders from the tablet: the statue falls from the pedestal. Columns, arches, pyramids, what are they but heaps of sand; and their epitaphs, but characters written in the dust? (Quote by - Washington Irving)

No man is demolished but by himself. (Quote by - Thomas Bentley)

What each man feared would happen to himself, did not trouble him when he saw that it would ruin another. (Quote by - Virgil or Vergil)

Pure logic is the ruin of the spirit. (Quote by - Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Delay always breeds danger, and to protract a great design is often to ruin it. (Quote by - Miguel de Cervantes)

And when 'midst fallen London they survey The stone where Alexander's ashes lay, Shall own with humble pride the lesson just By Time's slow finger written in the dust. (Quote by - Mrs. Anna Letitia Barbauld)

All men that are ruined are ruined on the side of their natural propensities. (Quote by - Edmund Burke)

For, to make deserts, God, who rules mankind, Begins with kings, and ends the work by wind. (Quote by - Victor Hugo)

The next Augustan age will dawn on the other side of the Atlantic. There will, perhaps, be a Thucydides at Boston, a Xenophon at New York, in time a Vergil at Mexico, and a Newton at Peru. At last some curious traveller from Lima will visit England, and give a description of the ruins of St. Paul's, like the editions of Balbec and Palmyra. (Quote by - Horace Walpole)

Don't ruin the present with the ruined past. (Quote by - Ellen Gilchrist)

Final Ruin fiercely drives Her ploughshare o'er creation. (Quote by - Edward Young)

Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean (Quote by - roll! Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain; Man marks the earth with ruin (Quote by - his control Stops with the shore. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Ruin and recovery are both from within. (Quote by - Epictetus)

There is a temple in ruins stands, Fashion'd by long forgotten hands: Two or three columns, and many a stone, Marble and granite, with grass o'ergrown! (Quote by - George Gordon Noel Byron)

To the lack of incentive to effort, which is the awful shadow under which we live, may be traced the wreck and ruin of scores of colored youth. (Quote by - Mary Church Terrell)

A man's ruin lies in his tongue. (Quote by - Egyptian saying)

So in the Libyan fable it is told That once an eagle, stricken with a dart, Said, when he saw the fashion of the shaft, 'With our own feathers, not by others' hands, Are we now smitten.' (Quote by - Aeschylus)

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