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Reward Quotes
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I dont fool with a lot of things that I cant have fun with. Theres not much reward in that. (Quote by - Levon Helm)

The reward is that you can actually create a world separate from reality with a story, actors, music, and camera design. When it works it can entertain, move people and teach us all. (Quote by - Colleen Atwood)

The reward for success in St. Paul is eviction. (Quote by - Barbara Harris)

I beg the Most High to allow me the favour of the double reward, but if God only finds me worthy of one reward, I will accept it in all humility. (Quote by - King Hassan II)

Blessings ever wait on virtuous deeds, and though a late, a sure reward succeeds. (Quote by - William Congreve)

It seemed pathetic and terrible to me and it still does, that men and women work eight hours a day at jobs that bring them no joy, no reward save a few dollars. (Quote by - Hortense Odlum)

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